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Working in France? Where? How? What are the conditions?

Let's see our solutions: no charge for you, no commitment!

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Wonderful! Your nationality and your diploma allow you to work in France!

Dentist român în Franța: Pourquoi nous choisir

The different ways to practice dentistry in France

To be an employee

To be a collaborator

To buy an existing dental office

To associate with other dentists

What do you expect?

What do you want to avoid? 

We listen to you and explain you the different pros and the cons of each way of working and advise you according to your personal situation and wishes. 

Let's find the best opportunity!

Avoid the traps!

Don't waste your time searching among all the offers!

Benefit from a high quality network of partnerships.

We will only propose you serious and reliable opportunities that are compliant with your wished.  

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What are the administrative formalities to practice dentistry in France?

You will have to translate your diploma by an official organization. You will be invited by the President of the Conseil de L'Ordre of the region you want to work to an oral interview: the objective will be to test your level of french and to explane your motivations.  

Then, the formalities will depend on the way of working you chose. 

Don't worry, we will be next to you and will guide you! Let's get in touch!

How to live in France?

What do you have to know to live and work in France? 

In wich region?  

Do you need any help to find a place to live? 


You need some explanations to your personal administrative formalities? (eg: to get a social protection?)

We are still next to you and will guide you.  Let's get in touch!

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Contact us!



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Merci pour votre envoi !

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